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SSD & SSI - appeals for adults and children

Social security disability and SSI

Having health complications can already invoke a full-time commitment, leaving little time or ability to navigate the disability process.  The Brown Law Office, assists through this process by compiling the medical, educational, and other relevant information necessary to pursue a thorough disability claim.  Assistance is provided for adults and minor children.

Unfortunately, the majority of disability applicants are denied at the initial application stage.  However, those numbers improve for individuals that move forward with requesting a hearing before an administrative hearing officer.  A large part of adequately presenting a case before the hearing officer involves preparation and presentation of a complete record. 

Attorney Tina Brown can assist you with this important process from compiling medical records, assisting with function reports, to completing an legal brief summarizing the facts and the law in preparation for your hearing.  Call today at (803) 403-8447 for a legal case review.  

Please review the "Blog" page on this site for some general information about Social Security Disability issues.  A sampling of the blog is listed below.