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The federal Fair Housing Act was passed April 11, 1968.  See the below video "Seven Days" which provides great insight into the process of passing the Fair Housing Act.  Its passage was largely catapulted by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which evoked riots throughout the country.  Another factor involved the hypocrisy found in the return of Vietnam War veterans who were able to fight for the country, but were unable to found housing once returning to the United States. 

In short, the Fair Housing Act protects against discrimination in the rental or sale or housing based upon the following protected class statuses: 





National Origin


Familial Status (families with children under 18 or those who are currently pregnant)

Providing information to the community about fair housing is the first step to enforcement.  Essentially, in order for one to enforce his or her rights, those rights must both be known and understood.  To that end, the Fair Housing Act can be very expansive in its protections to those who seek them. 

Housing is foundational to daily living.   In turn, fair housing is about so much more than just the structure of the home itself.  Home is the community where your children go to school.  Home is where you have access to jobs, recreational activities, reliable childcare, medical care, food resources, safety measures, and so much more.  No one should be able to deny you the ability to freely choose all that your home encompasses based upon your protected class status.