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Legal Assistance Corner: Landlord Tenant Law - Residential & Commercial Lease Agreements

Landlord Tenant (Private and Income Based)
Where you live is critical to so many other functions of daily living.  It affects such foundational aspects of life as employment, to your children's schooling, safety, recreation, and so much more.  It should be a place of peace, a retreat from the daily tasks of the world. 

Unfortunately, this retreat can turn into a place of continual stress and anxiety.  For tenants, such is often due to inadequate, or a lack of, repairs, unlawful intrusions, miscalculation of rental payments, harassment and more.  Notably, the most common tenant complaint is a landlord's failure to make repairs and what can be done.  There are laws to protect tenants, but how to properly navigate them is key to preserving those rights.  Additionally, improperly navigating them can result in unattended consequences for the tenant, up to, and including evictions. 

The Brown Law Office can advise you of your rental rights to help you peacefully enjoy your dwelling or under what circumstances there may exist the lawful ability to terminate your lease. 

Commercial leases are also of great importance to business owners.  One's livelihood may be affected by a poorly worded lease or an outright violation of the same.  For landlords and tenants alike, the office is prepared to assist you in analyzing how best to protect your rights and interests.

Notably, The Brown Law Office is aware that many landlords strive to be compliant with the law and all that it entails. As such, Attorney Brown is also available to provide consultations to landlords regarding their compliance with all applicable housing laws to include The South Carolina Residential Landlord Tenant Act, The South Carolina Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act, the Fair Housing, the Americans with Disabilities, federal compliance for those overseeing federally subsidized housing programs and more. 

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